Air Quality Monitoring Logger

Air Quality Monitoring  Logger
Product Description


Ambient air monitoring is an integral part of an effective air quality management system. Ambient air monitoring is the systematic, long-term assessment of pollutant levels by measuring the quantity and types of certain pollutants in the surrounding, outdoor air.

We at KVAR Tech offers a range of Ambient Air quality Monitoring System for accurate Air Quality monitoring. We have developed a low-cost real-time air quality monitoring device. The device uses a laser- scattering sensor to measure PM1, PM2.5 & PM10 levels in ambient air along with temperature and humidity data.

The data is transmitted in real-time using mobile GSM technology to an internet connected server hosted on a cloud platform. The data is stored in a fast time-series database.

The entire solution is built using open-source technologies.


  • Highly rugged and weatherproof enclosure which makes the device durable and safe.
  • High speed 32-bit ARM processor for data processing.
  • 5V, 2.0 Amp DC supply which is sourced through a portable adapter.
  • Battery backup of 6 Hours in case of power failures.
  • Laser- scattering PM sensor, temperature & humidity sensor to get the real time air quality data.
  • 16x2 Liquid Crystal Display to display the data.
  • Display shows Battery level and current status of the Battery, current status of GPRS communication, Temperature, Humidity, PM1, PM2.5, PM10 concentration.
  • A press button to make the backlit of LCD on/off and to see one of the parameters continuously.


  • Indoor / Outdoor Air Monitoring
  • Clean Room Applications
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Workplace Exposure Monitoring
  • Surveying & Research on Aerosols
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